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Ohio University Cutler Hall

Ohio University

Since its inception in 1804, Ohio University has continued to breathe life and charm into Athens County. Along with the beautiful campus and spirit of education, the University brings with it a myriad of art and cultural events to choose from all year long. Lake Hill Cabins is just 10 minutes away from the heart of Ohio University’s campus. Check the Ohio University events page for an up-to-date listing of University sponsored events.

Family Fishing Fun

Family Attractions

From the quilt barn tour to the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway to the Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center, the Athens Farmer’s Market, and the beautiful Hock Hocking Adena Bikeway, Athens County has something for everyone to enjoy. There are also a variety of historic attractions like Robbins Crossing and Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville. When you arrive at the cabin be sure to pick up a copy of the Athens County Visitor’s Guide or refer to the the Athens County Visitor’s Bureau website website for a complete list of attractions, festivals, fairs, and other events.

You won’t want to miss the Hocking Hills, a beautiful part of Ohio just 45 minutes from our cabins, or a stop at historic Nelsonville’s public square, including Rocky Boots and Stuart’s Opera House. Plus, interesting sites in West Virginia, such as Blennerhassett Island and the Blennerhassett Hotel and Restaurant, are just a quick trip away!

Adult Attractions

Are you a fan of craft brews or vineyards? Then be sure to check out the Athens area’s highly regarded breweries to imbibe in some local beer or wines – Jackie O’s, Little Fish, Devil’s Kettle, Shade Winery, and Pleasant Hill Winery, or a local wine bar, Uncorked. Of course, there are plenty of good ole’ college bars for wetting your whistle, too!

You must check out one of the area’s outstanding local restaurants, such as Casa Nueva, Jackie O’s, 9 Tables, Zoe, Stephen’s, and Purple Chopstix. Shelly and Mike will be happy to tell you their favorite meals from each!

Hunting in Athens County

Athens County’s Strouds Run State Park and Wayne National Forest are two of the most popular hunting destinations in Ohio. In fact, the Wayne was recently named one of the best spots to hunt in the nation by Field and Stream Magazine.

Lake Hill Cabins offers comfortable homes away from home for hunters who stay with us, from places such as Vermont, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and even Quebec, Canada! Many come year after year because of the abundance of game, the serenity they find at our cabins, and our convenient location, with walk-in access to about 2,000 acres in Strouds Run State Park, plus Wayne National Forest less than 5 minutes away.

Hunting Seasons:

For an up-to-date listing of the various hunting seasons, please visit